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Silver and Gold lyrics


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     Silver and Gold
    >> U2
        In the shit house a shotgun
    Praying hands hold me down
    Only the hunter was hunted
    In this tin can town
    Tin can town

    No stars in the black night
    Looks like the sky fell down
    No sun in the daylight
    Looks like it's chained to the ground
    Chained to the ground
    The warden said
    The exit is sold
    If you want a way out
    Silver and gold

    Broken back to the ceiling
    Broken nose to the floor
    I scream at the silence, it's crawling
    It crawls under the door
    There's a rope around my neck
    And there's a trigger in your gun
    Jesus say something
    I am someone, I am someone
    I am someone

    Captain and kings
    In the ships hold
    They came to collect
    Silver and gold
    Silver and gold

    Seen the coming and going
    Seen them captains and the kings
    See them navy blue uniforms
    See them bright and shiny things
    Bright shiny things

    The temperature is rising
    The fever white hot
    Mister, I ain't got nothing
    But it's more than you got

    Chains no longer bind me
    Not the shackles at my feet
    Outside are the prisoners
    Inside the free
    Set them free
    Set them free

    A prize fighter in a corner is told
    Hit where it hurts
    Silver and gold
    Silver and gold

    [spoken part follows]

    # Yep, silver and gold... This song was written in a hotel room in New York
    # city 'round about the time a friend or ours, little Steven, was puting
    # together a record of artists against apartheid. This is a song written
    # about a man in a shanty town outside of Johannesburg. A man who's sick of
    # looking down the barrel of white South Africa. A man who is at the point
    # where he is ready to take up arms against his oppressor. A man who has
    # lost faith in the peacemakers of the west while they argue and while they
    # fail to support a man like bishop Tutu and his request for economic
    # sanctions against South Africa.

    Am I buggin' you? I don't mean to bug ya...

    Okay Edge, play the blues...
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